Working in trees has the potential to be a dangerous vocation. This is why it is not only important to have a trained and certified arborist working for you, but one with the proper insurance. A properly insured company will provide you with a certificate that indicates 3 items BEFORE THE WORK GETS STARTED !

1. GENERAL LIABILITY: To insure against damage that may occur to your property.

2. AUTO INSURANCE: To insure against vehicles on and off your property.

3. WORKERS COMPENSATION: (Most Important) it is not only the law to carry this for employees, but it's the biggest safeguard we can provide for you. In the unfortunate event that an accident occurs to our personnel you know your liability is covered. Some other companies fail to provide this in order to keep the exorbitant cost of insurance down and their job price low.

If you want to know you are dealing with a reputable company then insist on these items!


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