How does heat effect my trees? 
Saturday, July 27, 2013, 03:29 PM
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Tree will lose moisture by transpiration through the leaves. The porse of the leaves will release moisture during the photosynthesis process. The tree will try to clse its pores to try to conserve moisture but it is impossible to stop the lose completely in high temperatures. The best thing to do for all your trees and shurbs is to water them. The water of shurbs is fairly easy as most of us do that already but to water a tree can be a little more challenging. In order to water your tree just apply a hose with a sprinkler attacment and allow it to water the entire root system. (Note: the root system extends a min. of the enitre canopy of the tree.) About a half an hour in multiple spots will be a good average time to keep your tree watered. If the temperature are high and conditions are dry this should be done daily if possible. Please note less water will be needed on smaller or newly planted trees.
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Cutting VS Trimming 
Monday, July 1, 2013, 07:51 PM
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We get asked to "cut", "chop", "hack at" limbs all the time. This is NOT what you want. In order to properly prune your trees or ornamental shurbs I.S.A. or ANSI industry standards must always be followed to ensure the health and beauty of your plant material. Limbs should be cut back to good lateral grow or to the collar to ensure that the plant/tree can heal and grow properly. Please do not leave half cut, jagged or torn cuts in your landscape plant material you are just inviting the possibility of decay disease infestation or irregular growth. If you ever have concerns cantact a certified arborist to help you with the situation.
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How does all this rain effect my tress? 
Sunday, June 23, 2013, 04:11 PM
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1)Adequate water and lower temperature are ideal growing conditons for your trees to thrive.
2)Help keep pollens under control to help with those who suffer from allergies.

1) Over saturated soil can cause trees and shrubs to heave out of the ground or blows over. After every heavy storm check for trees/shurbs that are leaning or root systems that are prying out of the ground this can be the start of a DANGEROUS SITUATION!
2)Limb breakage: limbs will absorb a tremendous amount of water weight causing limbs to split or break off. If a limb is split it should be removed quickly to protect your property. If a limb has broken off cutting the limbs back properly and removing the fallen section is in order.
3)Root Rot/Soil Compaction: Most trees do not like to have their root systems sitting in water constantly. Roots sitting in wate has the same effects s leaving untreated construction lumber outside. Natural deteriation, fungus, etc will break down health roots and trees. If water is sitting to long mot likely it is because the soil has become compact so water can not leach through. The sure is aeration of the soil or fixing the drainage.

**If you ever have a concern always call a certified arborist who can adivse you properly!!
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How can I save money on my tree work? 
Monday, May 13, 2013, 04:17 PM
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The most important way is with maintenance. The philosophy of it can wait does not work in the "tree" world. If your tree has declining limbs or decling sections it is always best to address them sooner rather than later. A dead limb(s) allows not only a hazardous situation to exist in you yard but atrracts pathogens and diseases to enter your trees easier causing further decline. If sections of the tree or your entire tree is dying or dead immediatly removing it is safer and more cost effective. If a tree has been dead for quite some time the tree becomes more and more dangerous and brittle with each passing day. This only adds to the amount of time and equiptment necessary to bring the tree safely down. The more time, tools, work personnel will increase the cost of the job!If you ever have a question with the health of your trees call a certified arborist for a consultation. Maintenance is the key to saving money!!
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What to look for this time of the year. 
Friday, May 3, 2013, 09:11 PM
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This time of the year your trees should be coming into full bloom. If your limbs or only part of the tree is blooming tis is an indication yo need service done to the tree.

What should I do?
1) Dead limbs should be removed properly and safely by a professional Arborist.
2) Trees that have not bloomed or only partially bloomed should be evaluated for possible solutions, such as fertilization or in extreme cases possible removal.

If you ever have concerns we are always available to evaluate your arbor care concerns so we can keep your property beautiful and safe.
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