Why Aeration is Important! 
Tuesday, October 8, 2013, 07:27 PM
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Golf courses do it 4 times a year for a rean. Among the benefit received with the core aeration process are: Relieves soil compaction, promotes deeper healthier roots, allows air and nutrients to ge the roots, loosens thatch, and is a great compliment to the seeding process. Although it will be too late to seed as we get further into fall, it is never too late to core aerate. We can do a core aeration any time until the ground is frozen and your lawn will benefit from all the above benefits plus some I did not mention. We don't recommend waiting until March becase we are putting down crabgress barriers then and the core aeration process can not be done if we are to control crabgrass effectively. However, February (if the ground temperatures permit) is an option.

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