How does all this rain effect my tress? 
Sunday, June 23, 2013, 04:11 PM
1)Adequate water and lower temperature are ideal growing conditons for your trees to thrive.
2)Help keep pollens under control to help with those who suffer from allergies.

1) Over saturated soil can cause trees and shrubs to heave out of the ground or blows over. After every heavy storm check for trees/shurbs that are leaning or root systems that are prying out of the ground this can be the start of a DANGEROUS SITUATION!
2)Limb breakage: limbs will absorb a tremendous amount of water weight causing limbs to split or break off. If a limb is split it should be removed quickly to protect your property. If a limb has broken off cutting the limbs back properly and removing the fallen section is in order.
3)Root Rot/Soil Compaction: Most trees do not like to have their root systems sitting in water constantly. Roots sitting in wate has the same effects s leaving untreated construction lumber outside. Natural deteriation, fungus, etc will break down health roots and trees. If water is sitting to long mot likely it is because the soil has become compact so water can not leach through. The sure is aeration of the soil or fixing the drainage.

**If you ever have a concern always call a certified arborist who can adivse you properly!!

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