Why Topping is Bad! 
Monday, March 25, 2013, 08:33 PM
Definiton: The indiscriminate cutting of tree branches to stubs not strong enough to sustain viable structural growth.

What are the bad effects:
1)Stress: a minium of 50% of the leaf material is removed causing the tree to starve as it can not produce proper photosynthesis causing the tree to call on all reserves causing possible death.
2) Decay: randomly cute limbs do not let a tree to heal properly or compartmentalize decay tissue that will occur causing rot.
3) Sunburn: wounds and lack of leaves expose the top trees to sunlight causing multiple issues up to and including death.
4) Risk: A tree will go into panic mode as a result of the tuppings sending out 5-10 times the original growth below in proper cute casuing the tree to have weak structure. This causes a stronger potential for limb breakage hence causing a larger danger than a properly prunned tree.
5) Expensive: The cost to do a restoritive prunning for years to come far out ways the cost of proper prunning. I also opens the tree to possible liability due to limb breakage.
6) It is improper, it looks ugly and drops your property value!

*Even thought you requested it or it was done in the past does not mean it is right! Consult one of our certified arborist on how to prune a tree properly

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